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Get your facts straight on Jesus 'fable'

Although a Catholic headteacher myself, I absolutely defend Michael Fitzpatrick's right to express contrary views and indeed welcome any such dialogue ("Italians get cross about the Cross", August 20). I take issue, however, that The TES, which is supposed to be centred on education and formation, appears to be willing to publish such unreasoned anti-Christian and, in particular, anti-Catholic articles.

The tone of the article would be dismissed as mindless prejudice if it were on any other subject. This is not the forum to go into depth about how the Crucifix is perceived by practising Christians.

Nor is it the place (given that the existence and crucifixion of Jesus is acknowledged by all creeds and none) for an in-depth explanation of the erroneous categorisation as "fable" of the gospel account of Jesus's life and death, even from the perspective of one who does not accept the account as factual (legendary, or arguably mythical, if you must).

Dr Eilis Field, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent.

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