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Getting back to basics

* Can learning your multiplication tables be fun? Yes, say the publishers of Perfect Times, a set of new card games which, according to a recent review (TES, October 6, 1995) children love. The games are designed to achieve mastery of the times tables by promoting reinforcementsof the number bonds betweenthe factors and the multiples of individual times tables. Various games can be played using the same cards. The method, says thepublisher, is suitable for all abilities, including special needs pupils.

Different sets are available, varying in price between Pounds 7.34 and Pounds 15.27. The teacher's booklet costs Pounds 5. Southgate Publishers,15 Barnfield Avenue, Exmouth,Devon EX8 2QE.Tel: 01395 223801. Stand PV188

* Practise Punctuation 1 and 2 aretwo photocopiable books which explain and offer practice exercisesin punctuation. The first, forkey stage 2, covers full stops,question marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes. The second,for key stage 3, is on direct andindirect speech, colons, semicolons, paragraphs and letter writing.Pack 1 costs Pounds 16.50, Pack 2 Pounds 12.50. Hilda King Educational Services,Ash Cottage, Ashwells Manor Drive, Penn, Bucks HP10 8EU.Tel: 01494 813947. Stand PV274

* Among the latest products inthe LDA self-checking range is the new Stile Maths Program key stage 1, which comprises eight bookscovering all the basic mathematical concepts for infants. The books, say the publishers, are so finely graded that children can practise new skills independently.The set costs Pounds 23.50.LDALiving and Learning,Abbeygate House, East Road,Cambridge CB1 1DB.Tel: 01223 365445. Stand G51

* Paper Chains - Phonicsis a new game offering practicein basic reading skills. Described as "ideal for struggling readers and as fun, non-threatening and motivating", it is aself-checking game which can be played by children on theirown or with a partner.It costs Pounds 19.95.LDALiving and Learning,Abbeygate House,East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB.Tel: 01223 365445. Stand G51

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