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Give experience its rightful place

YOUR article "Help!" (TES, June 20) left me with a considerable sense of frustration.

I have been lecturing for 11 years in areas from special needs to degree. I now find myself unrecognised as a "qualified" teacher because, despite having a degree and NVQ level 4 in training and development, my qualification is not seen officially as a teaching qualification. This is annoying, given that it is at least the equivalent of the City and Guilds 730 certificate and not far short of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Also, despite having taught basic numeracy, I am viewed as not having the basic maths qualification required for a post-graduate teaching course. I now have to pay for a further qualification in maths and delay entrance to a PGCE for at least another year. Meanwhile, the Government continues to bemoan the lack of quality teaching staff.

I must be one of thousands in this position. The Government could save millions by mapping qualifications like mine and allowing accreditation of prior learning.

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