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Give us back our poetic licence

I WAS very encouraged to read Harriet Rhodes's letter (TES, May 23) as she must have voiced the opinions of hundreds of key stage 2 teachers over this year's writing task.

What a retrograde step for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to have taken. The dull storyboard task gave a clear message that creativity was second to accuracy. Children do not need to write creatively, as long as handwriting, spelling and punctuation are correct.

I applaud the TES Target Creativity campaign. As teachers we work tirelessly to bring the literacy strategy alive. I am repeatedly bowled over by children's ideas and poetic skills. If we must have a writing test, then let children have a choice of inspiring titles and unlimited time in which to plan and write. We do not want to "catch children out"; we want them to feel proud of their creativity.

Anne Bradley

Manadon Vale primary St Peter's Road Plymouth, Devon

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