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What does your writing say about you? Graphologist Elaine Quigley explains A warm and lively script shows a writer with a strong personality and confidence. Ms Hutchinson needs to be part of a social environment, is kind and supportive, seeks harmony in relationships and is disciplined and firm.

She gets satisfaction from getting people back on track and helping them reach their goals. She has an analytical and determined approach to getting to the bottom of things, and will not compromise or be emotional about their problems.

The arrowhead dots on the letter "i" show that she can be sharp if someone needs to face facts, but it's for their benefit. The easy flow of the script shows that she is fairly together as a person, and enjoys being busy and focused. But there are some triangles in the middle and lower zones indicating that tasks and people can sometimes be frustrating.

She is better at giving than taking, and she is the power behind the success of others. She is there to facilitate others, to interact, to be independent and separate emotionally, while feeling deeply in private.

Nicky Hutchinson, from Someset, is a teacher of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties It's incredibly accurate. I read it to a friend who said, 'Are you sure this person didn't know anything about you?' I have never had this done before and I don't believe in astrology or palm reading, but I heard of a very accurate one years ago and I thought I would have a go. I'm amazed.

I like the supportive role, that's very much what I do at work. I especially enjoy the counselling role of my job - I am better at dishing out advice and help than accepting it sometimes. I have to be quite motivating, lively and confident because I am dealing with children who are disaffected and vulnerable. It is incredible that, of all the different teaching jobs, she should home in on relationships and supporting people.

Elaine Quigley and Nicky Hutchinson were talking to Harvey McGavin. Does someone you know have unusual handwriting? Send an example - including signature - on unlined paper with contact details to Jill Craven, Friday magazine, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W1BX. You can email Elaine Quigley at

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