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What does your writing say about you?Elaine Quigley explains This thread-like writing indicates a responder, rather than an instigator. This doesn't mean she lacks purpose, but she tends to act only when she can contribute something that is wanted.

She writes like a left-hander. Maybe she has natural left-handedness but was encouraged to use her right hand when learning to write. Maybe she was not taught to write at school. Her script, which uses the least complicated movement, would seem to indicate that.

Left-slanters hate to be "told" what to do. Ms Dowling is likely to come into this category. If she feels she is being coerced, she will become stubborn, which is not her natural inclination. The signature is almost illegible and, though it matches the text - usually a sign of being upfront - it is, in fact, giving her thinking and escaping time.

She is aware of what is going on, but likes to be the one to commit. She hates people having expectations of her, but will be generous if left to respond to a need. If people close to her have been wronged she will act to sort out the problem. She will move away from trouble rather han argue, but if given a challenge she will gather her resources to meet it.

Laura Dowling is a scientific researcher and starts training to be a primary teacher this year It's very interesting. The first paragraph is amazingly accurate. My mother once rather diplomatically said of me, "she only says something when she has something to say". I don't remember being taught to write, but people do say I write in a bizarre way. I hold my pen so the top is pointing west and turn the paper round so I sort of write sideways.

It's true that if I feel I am being rushed into something I will dig my heels in - otherwise I'm very easy going.

I am almost blindly protective of people close to me. I avoid confrontation and that ties in with what she says about having thinking time.

Elaine Quigley and Laura Dowling were talking to Harvey McGavin. Does someone you know have unusual handwriting? Send an example - including signature - on unlined paper with a photograph and contact details to Jill Craven, Friday magazine, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX. You can email Elaine Quigley at

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