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What does your writing say about you? Elaine Quigley explains

This writing is in the garland style, where the "h", "m" and "n" in the middle zone of the script are inverted. The cup shape forms a series of garlands, like bunting. This is a people-oriented person who likes sharing positive experiences or, if people are negative or unhappy, wanting to help them feel better.

This script is warm and consistent. The writer is a woman who needs to nurture and support, to listen and facilitate. She is a natural giver, who is most satisfied when she has been able to help others to achieve success. Her feel-good factor comes from seeing things working well, and people fulfilled. She enjoys working with others where her single-minded focus and sense of purpose gets the group feeling positive.

The good layout shows her ability to plan and organise, and the reasonable size and flowing formation shows an extrovert personality, particularly when busy.

But the signature is a little more constrained, indicating her initial caution before assessing a situation.

Her writing shows a common-sense attitude to life, good concentration and a quick grasp of the essentials. She doesn't want to hang about and, if something needs to be done, she gets it out of the way and shares the sense of a job well done with her team.

Caroline Hansford is head of English at Marshland high school, Wisbech, Norfolk

It made me think about myself in ways I hadn't before. I am a people-oriented person and I suppose that's what has kept me in teaching. I hadn't thought about it as sharing positive experiences with others, but I suppose that's right too.

I showed this to various colleagues and pupils, and my Year 10 group fell about laughing when they read the bit about nurturing and sharing - but they decided it was true. The part about being most satisfied when I have helped others to achieve success is uncannily accurate.

I do have a common-sense attitude to life and I plan and organise well. The part about the signature is right - I don't like making judgments on first impressions. I'm surprised it didn't say something that a couple of my past employers have said about me: that I don't suffer fools gladly. But maybe that's what it means when it says I don't hang about.

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