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Give us the pay to reflect our role

Although the higher level teaching assistants course is a good opportunity for career development (TES, March 5) we feel as teaching assistants, we already reduce the teacher's workload.

We no longer take on menial tasks such as photocopying and filing, but we are a cheap alternative as cover for teaching staff. We are involved in the planning of lessons and make decisions along with the teacher demonstrating our competence.

Schools and local education authorities devalue the contribution we make by the way the pay scale does not reflect the multi-skilled job we do.

The course is a good way to boost morale and earn more respect from other teaching staff, but the school would have to be aware of what we can and cannot do.

Vickie, Tracy and Martine

Trainee level 2 teaching assistants

Varna Adult Learning Centre

Barrass Street

Openshaw, Manchester

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