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THE MATHS CO-ORDINATOR'S FILE. pfp publishing ltd. Tel: 0870-241-0731. Web: www.pfp-publishing.compound;49.50 a year's subscription.

The Maths Co-ordinator's File appears each term; subscribers receive a 48-page collection of articles and a ring binder . Every issue contains one article on teaching skills, assessment and recording, classwork, research update, working with parents,management, in-service training, and resources.

The articles (excluding diagrams) are on a CD-Rom and may be used in staff documents, letters to parents, and so on. The information is authoritative and up-to-date.

TES reader offer The Maths Co-ordinator's File is available at the reduced subscription of pound;44.50. Tel: 020 7404 2776 quoting TES Curriculum Offer.

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