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Glasgow agrees to expand supply pool

MORE than 200 permanent supply posts are to be created in Glasgow over the next few months, the city and unions agreed this week.

Headteachers complained they could not find staff to cover for absent colleagues even early in the term and long before winter bugs decimated staffrooms. Primary heads were forced back into the classroom because of the shortage.

George Gardner, depute director of education, said the existing permanent supply pool of 45 teachers - 30 in primary and 15 in secondary - would expand rapidly.

Half the 200 posts will go to primary and 25 will go to the special school sector. In secondary, most subject areas will expand. The 15 posts for English, maths and science will grow to 36. Nine teachers are to be recruited for social science subjects and six in music.

Mr Gardner said the initiative was an attempt to retain staff. "We have got teachers on temporary contracts who see adverts in other authorities and want to apply for permanent posts."

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