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Glasgow closures on a political knife-edge

Labour councillors in Glasgow meet today (Friday) in an attempt to restore some coherence to the city's school closures programme.

The ruling Labour group decided on Monday to stick by plans to close John Bosco Secondary and eight primaries. Originally it was planned to axe five secondaries and 17 primaries. Seven primaries and two secondaries have been spared and decisions on the remaining schools were put off until today.

Malcolm Green, Glasgow's education convener, said the outcome showed the consultation process had been genuine despite critics who alleged the proposals were cut and dried.

Failure to implement the package has wiped out much of the Pounds 2.6 million in savings which the council hoped to achieve in the current financial year. If parents trigger opt-out ballots in schools still threatened with closure that could delay the process into next year and leave an even bigger hole in the education budget, which has already been cut by Pounds 12 million.

The education department will resist pressure to find new savings from its budget.

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