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Glass ceiling

I AM in dispute with my college over a serious breach of health and safety.

The college is being refurbished and when I was taking a cigarette break in an outside area designated for smokers a pane of glass dropped from several floors above, and smashed on the ground. I could have been decapitated! The college is claiming that I should not have been in the area and do not want to take responsibility for the incident.

Given the extent of refurbishment in progress or pending in the sector, colleges must been certain that all measures have been taken to ensure staff safety. I would employ a lawyer to take up your grievance. This may result in a substantial payment to you, which the college might easily claim from the contractor or through their own insurance. Of course, getting them to admit to liability is the hard thing. If the area isn't marked "restricted" or cordoned off and you have witnesses I can't see how they have a case.

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