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A glimpse of a wider world

Last term we organised a citizenship week and examined subjects related to our school Golden Rules: what we know about the people who work in our school; what we know about the places in our school; and what we know about how people live and work together in the wider world.

Each day, children examined different aspects of these rules and produced a range of art, writing, drama, video and music celebrating citizenship in our school and beyond.

One afternoon we received visitors from Uganda, the US and South Korea and were able to hear at first hand how the lives of children in these countries were so different from our own. This inspired us to get involved in "adopting" a boy from Uganda and raising money for him. The children were amazed that he had no bed and considered himself lucky to go to school.

Looking at the wider world and the way people learn to live together gave Year 2 pupils the chance to discover Aboriginal art from Australia. The artwork Caleb and Emily are holding in this photograph (above right) was created using traditional techniques and materials.

Beverley Sulway

Headteacher, Manor Primary School, Uckfield, East Sussex

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