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The Challenge of Globalisation. Oxfam, pound;14.

Globalisation permeates our culture and affects just about everything we do, yet it is often not well understood. This up-to-date book helps teachers correct this by presenting an innovative range of resources that can be used at key stages 34.

Although it is not designed exclusively for geography, it is explicitly matched to the national curriculum and covers several topics required by most GCSE specifications. Issues included range from transnational corporations to the digital divide and from the clothing industry to the globalisation of commodities and fair trade. Each section includes teacher notes, activities, stimulus photographs, case studies and "Did you know?"'

facts and figures.

Thought has been given to the appropriateness of the resources for a range of abilities and ages. The activities are pupil-centred and intended for small-group work or role-play, the emphasis being on the stimulation of discussion and debate. A new simulation game based on international competition for foreign investment is included.

The activities are well designed and inviting, although the copying of resources would have been easier if the book had been spiral bound.

Nevertheless, this is good value and a well-conceived departmental resource.

Peter Home is head of geography at Clifton College, Bristol

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