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PLACES OF WORSHIP SERIES. Buddhist Temples. By Andrea Willson. Catholic Churches. By Clare Richards. Orthodox Churches. By Geoff Robson. Sikh Gurdwaras. By Gopinder Kaur. Heinemann pound;8.75 each.

Where two or three are gathered together, very soon you will have a place of worship. Although worship does not require a special building, faith communities are social groups and need meeting places to worship collectively. Which is why, if you follow any agreed syllabus for religious education, you will be led to this topic.

A series that gives young children facts in a non-judgmental way is clearly useful. The Heinemann books are not theological works - they deal exclusively with architecture, forms and functions, setting out to explain buildings that appear in the British urban landscape.

Valuable for local studies as well, these books contain a range of photographs, from a Greek Orthodox church in Coventry to a Sikh gurdwara in Birmingham. Short at 24 pages but tough-looking and attractive, the picture quality is variable - it is easier to get good pictures of a church than of the worshippers inside it.

Three pages are sensibly given over to an index and glossary, and the latter must have presented quite a challenge, for defining God in a line is not the easiest of assignments.

Bright older juniors will pose more questions than these books answer, but otherwise they will inform studies across the primary age range.

Paul Noble Paul Noble is headteacher of St Andrew's C of E primary school,Blunsdon, Wiltshire

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