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The God threat

Your report on reactions to the distribution of Scripture Gift Mission postcards excited my professional curiosity. The cards' message to pupils is that God loves them whatever their exam results.

The National Secular Society found this message so "shocking and deeply disturbing" that I assume he fears it might be detrimental to exam performance. David Hart, of the National Association of Headteachers, said:

"It's highly undesirable that such cards should be sent to schools." Presumably, both would prefer pupils to be told that God only loves those who do well in exams, just as Father Christmas only brings presents to good children.

What is really disturbing is the reported hesitation of the managing director of Boomerang Media, the cards' commercial distributor, who said:

"If you are putting something Christian into schools then perhaps you should be representing other religious factions." Look again at the message. Is the belief that God loves young people regardless of their exam performance, uniquely Christian and do other faiths deny it?

Richard Wilkins Association of Christian Teachers 94a London Road St Albans, Hertfordshire

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