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Going bananas for 'kiddie' food

There have been some very grumpy contributors to the TES online staffroom this week. It's the summer holidays, so you would think everyone would be happy and relaxed, but apparently that's not the case for some teachers, who have been discussing who has annoyed them recently.

For lillipad, it's slow walkers and queue-jumpers who really get her goat, and she certainly lets us know about it: "I HATE groups of older women who take up the whole pavement and walk so slowly they're practically standing still."

Saxo07 was enraged when someone she thought was a friend deleted her from Facebook. Meanwhile, Littlemissraw managed to compile a list of who has been annoying her in the past couple of days, including Tesco, Virgin and Samsung. But mandala1 does not like to discriminate and declares: "Most people irritate me. It's my time of life."

It's not all doom and gloom, though. Some forum users perked up when food was mentioned and relished sharing their favourite "kiddie" food.

Franob suggested "Dippy eggs and soldiers!! ... (And) I'm contemplating making my first banana sandwich in about 20 years!" Many others suggested eggy bread, or as some of our posher teachers call it, French toast.

The absolute favourite for bombaysapphire is "chocolate blancmange, made in a rabbit mould and sat on grass made from chopped-up green jelly." Yum!

However, fish-finger sandwiches were definitely the firm favourite. Chubbyone likes them in "two slices of white bread, buttered, slice of processed cheese on both, tomato sauce on one side, mayonnaise on the other - heart attack on a plate", whereas JRTowner prefers their sandwich with mashed potato inside. Interesting.

Other finger-shaped food meant a lot to dipsue, whose favourites include "chicken fingers, pizza fingers and chocolate fingers".

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