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Going for broke in Borders

AS Scottish Borders rushes towards 100 redundancies in its cuts package, around 45 continuing education staff should at least know the ropes.

A significant aspect of their work when mills and new tech companies have been closing around their ears is, of course, the redundancy support unit. They've worked with 3,929 employees facing redundancy. Make that 4,029.

The "nae luck" award in this saga goes to Rory Macleod. The seconded director at Community Learning Scotland, which is being closed next month in a quango cull, will have no chance of returning to his vacant post. You guessed it: head of continuing education in Borders.

Macleod, heaven forbid, fears a jinx. Last summer he raised thousands with a charity walk in Nepal. The day he left, the king was shot dead. Keep clear of this man.

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