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Going, going, gone

Several courses were offered for the last time in 2006-07.

Highers no longer available in the coming year are: automotive engineering; beauty care; electrical engineering; electronics; experiential approaches to early years care and education; and hairdressing - principles of colouring hair and mechanical engineering.

Three Advanced Highers have also been removed: philosophy; sociology; and art and design research and appreciation.

The following Intermediate 2 courses are no longer offered: crop establishment; fish husbandry; investigating fish-rearing systems, investigating the natural environment; and livestock production.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has a policy that Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher courses failing to attract 100 candidates a year after five years and Advanced Higher courses failing to attract 50 candidates a year are reviewed.

A spokeswoman said: "This year we have only considered low-uptake courses, with zero or very low uptake, until the impact of A Curriculum for Excellence and our review of National Qualifications is clearer. We regularly consult with our customers and stakeholders on these decisions and keep them fully informed."

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