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Going strong at 61

Your job and career questions answered

I retired from teaching two years ago, but I miss the job and the children.

I'm an active 61-year-old. What are my chances of a part-time teaching job in West Yorkshire? How do I start looking? It's so long since I had to search for employment of any description.

It is nice to find someone still keen to teach at your age. Sadly, I think your chances will depend on your experience and flexibility. There is a market for teaching posts and it is over supplied with primary teachers, but there are vacancies in secondary schools. Your best bet is to use your contacts in the local area to see what the job market is like for someone with your specific skills. You can register with agencies and local authorities but, given your age, they may not take you seriously. A personal recommendation would be more useful. It is only two years since you left full-time teaching so you must know people who can help you in your search. Good luck.

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