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Fraserburgh Golf Club is looking to become the first club in Scotland to run a coaching session exclusively for schoolgirls.

It is keen to do something to ensure that ladies' golf has a future at the club as there are fears that its women's membership could disappear over the next 20 years.

At under-18 level, there are only 2,700 girls across Scotland playing golf compared to 25,000 boys. Under the national clubgolf initiative, which is designed to increase children's participation in golf, there are attempts to double the number of girls playing by 2009.

"Our aim," says Susie Kidd, the Grampian regional manager for clubgolf, "is to find 15 to 20 girls who have experienced clubgolf at primary school and would be keen to commit to the girls-only coaching session at Fraserburgh.

We want to find out if, by being separate, girls enjoy it more, make better progress and it encourages them to stay involved."

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