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Gone fishing;Jotter

Save the Children Scotland is particularly pleased with itself for casting its net as wide as possible in its survey on children's rights.

No effort was spared. "The smallest secondary school in the UK, Scoraig, with its five pupils, was also included," we are told. "The Save the Children worker was picked up for the journey to the remote peninsula by a 12-year-old and his dog in a little boat with the catch of live thrashing mackerel he had caught on the way over."

This lad must think school is a great place, a view not shared by his contemporaries.

Such surveys usually take care not to identify individuals or local authorities. But Save the Children has unwittingly exposed Glasgow, quoting one youngster: "Even when you write a letter to Bath Street (education services) it doesn't do anything. Teachers are always right."

So there you have it - Glasgow supports its teachers.

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