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Goo-goo goo, ga-ga ga ga

The Scottish education minister, the Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister are on holiday, but the flow of reports continues. In Scotland, there is an important document on exclusions policy, and south of the border a new framework for the organisation of schools, putting flesh on the bones of the recent White Paper. Summer reading for heads everywhere: so much for the silly season.

There was succour for teachers fed up with taking the blame for all social problems, but some may cavil at the support they - and particularly colleagues at Nicolson Institute in Lewis - get from the Rev Iain Campbell, editor of the Free Church Monthly Record and an island minister.

Following allegations of bullying at the Nicolson and youthful binges in the streets of Stornoway, inspectors are to visit the school, but that will be a futile exercise, unless they are able to "invade every home, every peer group, every Friday night gathering, every Saturday night pastime". Unprincipled sexual practice, abortion on demand and alcopops are to blame, not education, which must be a relief.

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