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TACKLING GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK. Ann Bowen and John Pallister. Hodder amp; Stoughton. pound;8.99.

If you are a pupil, geography coursework is a real challenge. The problem for the teacher is knowing how to balance the amount of guidance given with the opportunity for individual pupils to shine. Many books have been for both audiences and this is one of the better ones.

It goes well beyond the usual list of suggestions for projects to provide a wealth of hints and well-reasoned advice. The classroom experience of the authors pervades each page, with numerous opportunities for pupils to avoid the more common pitfalls.

The sections on how to select from a variety of methods and techniques, and on collating and analysing data are especially valuable. You will find the advice on how to write up the finished product is exactly the sort of thing that you say to your pupils every year.

This book will encourage students to think for themselves and use the ideas creatively. It does a difficult job very well.

Andy Schofield is deputy head ofVarndean School, Brighton

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