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Good fare

Reading the article (TES, February 17) about the Northamptonshire primary school deputy head collecting Weetabix tokens for the Roald Dahl books made me think.

Isn't it time someone, somewhere in the education world gave Weetabix an award for services to education?

A quick trawl through my primary classroom bookshelves revealed: * The Weetabix Wonderland Illustrated Oxford Dictionary; * The Weetabix Oxford Illustrated Book of Facts (2); * Six Kingfisher Question Answer books on various aspects of science; * Six Kingfisher Tell Me About nature books on the wild world of animals These have all been collected in the 1990s with the help of family, friends and children in the class. At 12 or 14 tokens a book, with a minimal postage charge, this is very good value.

All these books are well-thumbed and used - a superb resource.

Well done Weetabix!


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