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Good game

Stealth-based learning sounds sneaky. But it's actually a direct approach to harnessing technology for education. Computer games motivate kids, so why not bring some of that motivation into the classroom?

InQuizitor is now used in 26 Scottish authorities, say its Edinburgh designers, 3MRT. The e-learning software provides curriculum-linked quizzes in a video-game environment, "with pupils quickly becoming hooked on learning the subject content".

InQuizitor has a range of ready-to-use curriculum content, and teachers can set their own quizzes and create differentiated activities.

Learning is necessary to win rewards from the game, so the curriculum content "flies under the radar" of the players, says 3MRT. "As they immerse themselves in the game, the acquisition of knowledge becomes the target and provides teachers with a foundation upon which they can build."

Stealthy but straightforward.

3MRT: Stand E33.

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