'Good Night, and Good Luck' DVD

Calling all fans of George Clooney, who co-wrote, co-starred and directed this gripping political thriller set in the McCarthy era of late-Fifties America. Good Night, and Good Luck tells the true story of the legendary journalist Edward R Murrow, who took on the malevolent power of US Senator Joseph McCarthy and his infamous investigations into "subversive" communist sympathisers in the entertainment industry. Clooney plays the fearless producer, Fred Friendly. The film interweaves archive footage from the McCarthy trials with Murrow's reports. We have five DVDs (available to buy on June 26 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, RRP pound;19.99) to give away. Answer this question for your chance to win: George Clooney found fame in which long-running television series: a) ER b) AE?

Mark your answers Clooney or Beauty and send to the TES address or by email to friday@tes.co.uk. Please remember to include your name, address and daytime contact number. Entries close June 29.

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