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The good, the pad and the ugly

It was disappointing to read in TESpro the long debunked myth that iPads are more for content consumption than content creation ("Zooming in on tablet technology", 12 October). This charge was the last desperate throw of the dice by Apple's commercial rivals shortly after the iPad was launched. The addition of cameras with the release of the second iPad and the accompanying slew of third-party apps facilitating multimedia project work put this misconception to the sword - only for it to resurface in Michael Shaw's otherwise informative editorial.

As one of the few schools to have published original research into iPad deployments, we are perhaps in a better position than Mr Shaw to pass comment on the keyboard debate. Children younger than middle school age expressed a strong preference for the iPad keyboard over detached keyboards.

We oldies should be wary of foisting our preferences on the next generation. The tragedy is that pupils are ready to learn but they are sometimes forced to wait while teachers catch up.

Richard Harrold, Assistant principal, ACS Cobham International School, Surrey.

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