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The good sex book

Ewan Aitken, of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and occasionally of this parish, is a brave man, agreeing to step into the world of sex education (as we reported last week).

Fearlessly, Aitken practised what he preached as an ordained minister and spoke frankly about sex. He told the story of two five-year-olds found bouncing on top of each other in an Edinburgh school. "We're shagging, miss," they explained.

Aitken first mentioned this tale during a television discussion about sex education, broadcast from the school where he was chaplain. He says it earned him huge kudos from the kids - because he had "apparently sworn on the telly".

Not so impressed was a lady "from a much narrower Christian perspective", who criticised him for using bad language.

Aitken's theme was the need for honesty in talking about sex. As he pointed out, this included an acknowledgment that the Bible is full of sex - "a rare racy read . . . a real bodice-ripper at times".

Verily, the book of life.

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