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A Gorman for me

Cash-strapped FE colleges, of which there are a number, could have been forgiven for tapping one of the speakers at the annual chinwag of the Association of Scottish Colleges.

Chris Gorman is one of those lucky chaps who has done well out of the communications revolution - DX Communications, in fact, where his modest pound;15,000 initial investment grew into a pound;66 million empire. When it was sold, he founded an Internet service business which itself ws duly sold for pound;35m. Who needs the FE funding council?

Gorman is clearly a man with the measure of himself. His biographical note for the conference described him as an "ambitious over-achiever" who showed "dynamic sales and marketing ability as well as tremendous management of partner relationships and team motivation and interpersonal skills." So who knows Gorman so intimately as to write such, ahem, stuff? Himself? Surely not?

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