'The Government has lied to me'

Tes Editorial

I am writing to you as I wish to express my extreme anger and disappointment at the Government, who I feel lied to me. We need more teachers, they say. "Not yet" is what they forgot to say, or maybe I didn't read the small print.

As a teacher who finished my probation year last June, I have yet to find a job, despite laborious and time-consuming applications. The whole situation is ludicrous. Of my friends who have jobs, they have been kept on in their schools, seem to "know someone" or had placements at those schools.

I feel as though schools only advertise because they have to and that there's someone in the school on supply or temporary contracts who is perfect for the job. Maybe I'm just jealous that my old school did everything by the book.

I am fast becoming disillusioned by a career that I'm desperately trying to get into. I found out I cannot claim jobseekers' allowance because I live with my boyfriend, but I can't expect him to support me. So I will give it one more month and see if, as all those with jobs sit in the staffroom say in a sympathetic voice, "something comes up".

If jobs are going to become available in the next few years I'm not going to sit and wait for them. I'll leave, and then the Government will have to train people to take mine and others' places in the profession.

I just wish someone would have explained all this in the beginning and I wouldn't have got myself into more debt and spent two years of my life trying to get into a career where I have no contacts.

Rhona Mackay Scotland Street West Glasgow

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Tes Editorial

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