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Governor resigns after being ordered to stop stalking head

A SCHOOL governor has resigned after he was ordered by police to stop stalking a headteacher.

Police issued William Tecwyn Roberts, a local councillor, with a harassment notice following reports that he was regularly seen standing outside a primary school in Anglesey, North Wales.

Ann Hughes, head of the 180-pupil Goronwy Owen school for 10 years, refused to comment about the stalking.

But local Welsh Assembly member Peter Rogers has called for an independent inquiry into the harassment which he said had continued for five years.

He wants Jane Davidson, education minister in the Assembly, to hold an investigation into why the local education authority did not act earlier.

He said: "Mrs Hughes has been traumatised. It has affected her life terribly. This councillor was first reported for harassment to Anglesey council in 1997. I have reported the council to the Welsh education minister for not acting quickly enough over this matter.

"Mr Roberts says he is watching Mrs Hughes on behalf of the education authority but it has not asked him to do this. I do not know what his motives are."

Mr Roberts refused to comment but his solicitor Myrddin Owens said: "Our client refutes the so-called allegations made and considers them malicious in nature."

Managing director of Isle of Anglesey council, Geraint Edwards, said: "I have been discussing this issue with the governors for some time.

"There was a lot of innuendo and Mrs Hughes was refusing to attend meetings when Mr Roberts was there. He hasn't been found guilty of anything yet."

Mrs Hughes clashed with Anglesey education authority last year when allegations were made that she "physically abused" a pupil and made another go without lunch.

In August 2000, the education authority asked her to go on sick leave, but she refused, denying the claims, and said she would stay at home until it was sorted out. She was never officially suspended and in March 2001 she returned to work. Police said they were not pressing charges.

The harassment notice served on Mr Roberts will stand until it is formally removed by the police. There is currently no exclusion zone as he lives in the village.

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