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Gove's gushing over Sir Chris is a slap in the face

I am neither surprised nor particularly disappointed at the news of Chris Woodhead's knighthood ("Scourge of teachers Woodhead is knighted", 17 June). Those who grant these things, and the man himself, often show poor and shallow judgment.

No - it is not the fact of his knighthood that is irritating, but the response of people like Michael Gove who have gushed in their praise for Chris Woodhead. I'm sorry, Mr Gove, but to praise him for working "tirelessly in the world of education" is a real slap in the face for the hundreds of thousands of teachers up and down the country who really do work tirelessly, week in and week out, and whose efforts have been so thoroughly undermined, belittled and insulted by the newly upraised champion of ... himself.

Dr Barry Wratten, Somerset.

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