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Gove's Ofsted exemption risks shifting 'outstanding' schools into reverse gear

So "outstanding" schools will not have to face inspection again, unless, of course, there are certain alarming indicators or if parents complain. Who will pick up on these indicators if Michael Gove is to free schools from the yoke of local education authorities, which is his intention?

And does he really think that the parents in the inner cities and outlying conurbations, many of whom are busy trying to make ends meet, will have time to make formal complaints to Ofsted?

It takes years to move a school from inadequate to satisfactory, satisfactory to good and good to outstanding.

But it is ever so easy to destroy it in one term. Educational improvement is not unlike climbing a mountain on roller skates. Relax for one moment and down one rolls.

Mr Gove, if you don't learn from historical "cock-ups" you are bound to repeat them. Please think again and use more than the back of an envelope to review your policies.

David Sassoon, Director, Schools Support Services Ltd, Finchley, London.

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