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Gove's rhyme and reason

Let's raise a glass to Mr Gove

His portfolio's a treasure trove.

With no hint of histrionics

He's introduced synthetic phonics.

Now every child can read his name

Pronouncing it not quite the same.

Yes, many thanks to Mr Gove,

That really was a clever move.

Conscious of the strain and stress

He's done away with QTS.

Professional status now in reach -

For surely, anyone can teach.

What a hero, Mr Gove

He surely has no more to prove,

To maximise financial yields,

He's sold off all the playing fields.

Overruling all advice

And settling for the highest price.

Thus we thank you, Mr Gove,

This message comes with fondest love.

Though it might seem a frightful bore,

School Direct's the final straw.

Maybe it's not quite thought out,

Please tell us what it's all about.

Richard Greenfield, Mildenhall, Suffolk.

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