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Great British Bake Off and teaching: 10 of the best cake-education puns to satiate your staffroom

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A good teaching staff is like a good cake. We don't mean soaked in alcohol and containing more than a few nuts – that would be rude – we mean the perfect mix of different ingredients, combined to create something everybody can enjoy. So it's likely that more than a fair few teachers will be tuning in to the final of the Great British Bake Off this evening. With that in mind, we thought we'd take the opportunity to give you some suggestions for post-GBBO treats for your staffroom. A Great British Bake Ofsted, if you will. 


  1. Victorian history sponge


  2. Curricu-lemon meringue pie


  3. Lemon and lines cake


  4. Lots of little bakes – as long as they’re uniform


  5. Coffeested and walnut cake


  6. VAK-lava


  7. Anything made with Puff PSH(tr)E


  8. Black Forest SATs-eau


  9. Baguette out your books, please
  10. Sir Michael Wil-shortbread

More please. The best three will win TES pencil cases.

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