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A greeting that says it all

I'VE JUST been reading the Government's response to the House of Commons inquiry into the role of school governors. In fact, I've read it three times in a vain attempt to find any content.

To summarise, there will be no change on paid time off, compulsory training or expenses. Apparently it would not be practical for small businesses to give us paid leave, although it is perfectly all right for governors to go on suffering financially. Each governing body is free to make its own arrangements about expenses - presumably out of the school's budget.

Recruitment is to be done through "onestop shops." I hate to sound like a high court judge, but what, please, is a one-stop shop? Can one become a governor, pay the gas bill and have the car serviced all in one visit?

The annual meeting stays, education authorities are reminded that they should appoint governors, and we are to have terms of reference to clarify our roles. All governing bodies should be professionally clerked and we are free to find our own (and pay them).

Best of all, new governors will receive a welcome letter from the Secretary of State.

Sorted. Hardly seems worth all that fuss, really.

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