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Grief encounter

Art and design

KS3 Use graffito to explore the contrast of dark and light.

Fold a piece of paper in half and on the right side use pastels. Cover the entire page with black crayon.

Fold the paper over and, using a ballpoint pen, draw on the reverse side, picking out figures and key objects.

Open the paper to reveal negative and positive images.

KS4 Aston selected objects to represent his feelings and capture the story.

Pupils think about the objects they would select to represent a key stage in their own lives. How would they use them in an artwork?

KS5 Apparently this artist used life-drawing. If Lady Aston is dead, how did the artist capture her image? Do students think the other woman is Lady Aston?


Choose a character. In groups, discuss the character's look, dress and pose. Complete a character frame using headings: My name isI, I wearI, I liveI, I feel... Use the frames to produce letters, diary extracts or agony aunt articles.

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