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Grimsby cast its net into richer waters

Better known for cod than high-tech cabling, Grimsby is fast emerging as a front-runner for action zone status, and an ideal test ground for the Government's scheme to link all schools with computers and educational programming.

Grimsby has already won pound;560,000 of Government money to wire up its schools.

Now one of the Government's favourite media companies, Immage 2000, has joined the town's action zone bid, a potentially decisive attraction.

Last April the Labour party described Immage 2000's work with local government as Britain's best publicprivate partnership - a concept central to action zones.

Earlier this year the Education and Employment Secretary, David Blunkett praised innovative Immage programmes in which teachers talk directly to parents. The company's programme trailers even feature the Education Secretary - playing the drums.

Grimsby's bid is run by the new North East Lincolnshire education authority and a business consortium: World Challenge; computer firm UK ENSA and a training charity IBEC (International Business Education Cooperation).

Technology is a key feature of the scheme which will to link up every home as well as every school in the area.

It also has the backing of Birds Eye, Wall's, Associated British Ports, Courtaulds, Novatis (formerly Ciba Geigy) and Tioxide.

John Trevitt, education director at Immage 2000 said that Grimsby had a particular need to build esteem for education. Literacy and numeracy had traditionally suffered through the availability of work on trawlers.

"We have a basis here for some very innovative development," he said.

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