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Grow, Cook, Smile, Eat

Urging children to eat their greens often has a negative effect. A friendly video and related study pack aims to make vegetables and fruit as interesting to learn about as they are good to eat. Grow, Cook, Smile, Eat focuses on growing healthy food in cities - in school gardens, in allotments and in places where families can share in the process. There is information on nutrition, hygiene, land use and speeds of growth, but the emphais is on people taking responsibility for what ends up as a pleasurable addition to their own plates.

Grow, Cook, Smile, Eat costs pound;15 + pound;2.50 pamp;p from Bradford Community Environment Project, Unit 14, Carlisle Business Centre, Carlisle Road, Bradford BD8 8BD. The video is available in English, Mirpuri Punjabi and Sylhetti Bangla. Tel: 01274 223236. Fax: 01274 223353. Email:

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