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Growing leaders

Much of the national debate has focused on "headline" leadership development experiences, such as the Standard for Headship, Columba 1400 and the Leadership Academy. The Edinburgh approach focuses on a planned growth of leaders from the time they enter the profession.

Edinburgh has developed a CPD framework that provides a progression from principal teacher to headteacher. It aims to ensure an effective induction experience, to identify core development exercises for each level of post and to give a five-year programme for leaders.

For those who serve in the same leadership role for many years, a key question is how to continue learning and maintain vision and direction. For headteachers, there are two reflective 24-hour residential units: Education Strategy in Edinburgh, led by Roy Jobson, director of education, and Education Strategy in Scotland, led by Ewan Aitken, executive member for education.

The aim is to provide the space for heads to reflect on the economic, political and social factors which will influence education in the 3-5 year time frame, and to consider how education will need to adapt to deal with these changes.

Colin Finlayson, development officer, stresses the importance of building into professionals' working life a structured, balanced and progressive programme, which enables them to grow, develop and regularly refresh their vision of how education must adapt to an ever-changing world.

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