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GTC backs chartering

Your article of Friday, October 17, headlined "Chartered? That's elitist" refers to a debate about London Chartered Teacher Status that took place at the General Teaching Council for England's council meeting on October 7, where GTC members raised some questions about the scheme.

However, the article implies wrongly that the GTC opposes the scheme. The GTC has, and will continue to work with London Challenge, which has responsibility for the scheme, with the shared intention that the GTC's Teacher Learning Academy can offer teachers around the country, including those in London, the opportunity of professional recognition for their learning, development and improvement work.

We need to retain committed teachers everywhere, and for those working in challenging circumstances with the most disadvantaged young people we need to offer the kinds of professional incentives that will provide the continuity and stability those pupils desperately need.

Carol Adams Chief Executive of the General Teaching Council for England 344-354 Gray's Inn Road London WC1

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