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GTC doesn't make sense

What is the General Teaching Council for England doing?

I have just received Teaching, the GTC magazine, summer 2004. I'm less rushed as it is exam time. I open it. Small white print, put light on, give up on page 5. Page 6 dark picture over small black text so don't try. Same story on other pages.

Pleased to see page 13, black print on white page. Good title "What is the GTC doing?"

But why can't I follow it? It can't just be the 8pt text size. I scan the column into Microsoft Word.

There are 406 words in 22 sentences, 18.45 words per sentence. According to Word the Flesch Reading Ease score is 23.2 (on a scale of 0-100 where 100 is easy and a target is 60-70).

As a busy teacher, with fairly normal eyesight, I may never discover what the GTC is doing.

Terence McKee (Information and communication technology co-ordinator) Hollybank Tudor Gardens West Wickham, Kent

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