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GTC time-wasters

Thank you for reporting the latest General Teaching Council disciplinary hearings (TES, November 16). Throughout his period as headteacher of Colchester's Philip Morant School, I had the good fortune to be Russell Moon's colleague as headteacher of St Benedict's Catholic College on the same campus. In a written submission I made to the GTC, I was able to list some of the many positive contributions Mr Moon made to education in Essex.

He led a very successful school to even greater heights, including pathfinder status. His pioneering efforts in workforce reform were highlighted by ministers at government roadshows. When he was seconded to work on the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust iNet project, he was publicly celebrated by his governors.

Since my retirement, I have come to the conclusion that the teaching council wastes massive time and resources hearing many trivial and minor cases that would be better resolved through GTC-appointed arbitrators at a local level.

Alan Whelan Carrahone, Co Kerry.

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