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A guide to the national curriculum tests

All the essential information to help you prepare for the new KS2 Sats tests

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All the essential information to help you prepare for the new KS2 Sats tests

What will the content be?


The arithmetic paper will consist of context-free calculations, most of which will be worth one mark. Two marks will be available for long-multiplication and long-division questions.

Partial marks will be awarded for correct working where the final answer is wrong – but only if the formal method of working has been used. No marks will be given if pupils use the grid method for long multiplication or the chunking method for long division.


A range of texts will be included in the tests, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Marks will be awarded as follows:

  • Multiple choice or other selected responses: 10-30%
  • Short responses: 40-60%
  • Extended responses: 20-40%

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

At least two-thirds of the marks will be for multiple-choice questions. The remaining questions will require pupils to write a longer answer.


Children will sit three papers: one on biology, one on chemistry and one on physics. Each paper will take 25 minutes and will contain questions worth 22 marks.

There will be five versions of each paper and pupils will sit different ones.

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