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Hackney needs positive help

I refer to the article "Hackney leader spurns his schools" (TES, March 5).

Last year, at the invitation of the Learning Trust, I spent time in several Hackney schools. While they have many problems, the schools are enthusiastic and harbour the desire to succeed in very difficult circumstances.

I found the trust officers to be equally enthusiastic, but they are working with limited resources which slows the improvement in results they are working to achieve.

Mike Tomlinson's comments will not be helpful and will deter recruitment in an area where it is already difficult to recruit the right personnel.

I would suggest that Mr Tomlinson and others who have denigrated education in Hackney should try working at the chalkface and then respond with positive assistance to those who are working hard to make the Hackney schools successful.

William Simmonds Chief executive National Bursars Association 140 Wood Street Rugby Warwickshire

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