Hadrian's brick wall of cliches

Tes Editorial

It must be nice for the lads at the Office for Standards in Education to read Hadrian Southorn's article (TES, June 16) and to know that somebody respects them. Some of us may feel that if the lads had any real interest in education they would be doing it, rather than living parasitically off it - but not Hadrian Southorn.

Hadrian is the kind of governor that OFSTED appreciates - a man who knows his place, respects his betters and will believe anything said to him by people in grey suits with checklists. After all, Hadrian knows that these people have had as much as a week's training! Clearly, after a few days in a school, they will know far more about it than the governors, to say nothing of the poor fools who work 60 or 70 hours a week actually running the place.

To adapt Hadrian's own tired cliche, his article tells us more about him than about the supposed benefits of OFSTED inspections.

T J H GATEHOUSE 116 Priory Road Dartford Kent

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