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Handy hints

* The first priority is the children's safety.

* Make plans early. Senior management and governors will want to see them.

* LEA andor school guidelines (including insurance arrangements) will cover your plans. Read them.

* Aim to improve on the laid down pupil:adult ratio. If a child becomes difficult, or is injured or ill, you will need a spare adult to fetch help, make calls or supervise.

* Be meticulous about contact with parents,and the return of consent forms. Check the wording of letters with senior management.

* Make sure every cach carries a qualified first-aider.

* Brief supervising adults on their responsibilities.

* Take sick buckets, bags, paper towels, air fresheners, water, mints. Put travel sickness sufferers near the front.

* Insist on impeccable behaviour.

* Count everyone on and off at every stop.

* Be prepared for breakdowns and traffic jams. Make sure the adults on all coaches know what to do if they are separated.

* Take a mobile phone. Make sure there'll always be someone at school to take calls.

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