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Handy hints

Parents and teachers generally like school uniform. But they often dislike the confrontations that can arise from uniform rules.

* Lay down the rules firmly to new pupils, but involve the students in a discussion about why parents and the school want them in uniform.

* Set an example with the way you dress.

* Display a copy of the rules in your classroom.

* Don't let a uniform dispute interrupt the lesson. Take it up at the end. If it becomes a serious confrontation, refer to senior management.

* Parents are almost always on your side with this, but if they challenge you, always refer the argument upwrds.

* Keep your own stock of "quick fix" materials such as spare ties and make-up remover. Don't force these on students, but they can be helpful once they've agreed to comply.

* If you have a good relationship with your tutor group, you should be able to resolve problems amicably - you'll be seen as keeping your group out of trouble rather than getting them into it.

* If teachers and tutors are continually involved in uniform disputes, the problem is likely to lie deeper within the ethos of the school. Make this point to management.

Gerald Haigh

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