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Happy talk

Any lesson

Ages 11 to 16

It is good practice to allow discussion in your class but, at times, it can turn into a free-for-all. To let everyone have their say in an organised debate, give each pupil red, green and yellow cards.

Tell them the green equates to building on someone else's point, yellow means involving someone in the discussion and red is disagreeing politely.

Kick off the discussion with a topic statement. Pupils can volunteer to agree and build on it by holding up the green card or to disagree with the red card.

Once the pupil has finished, the teacher takes the card and picks another pupil to speak. Or the pupil speaking can choose the next debater by using their yellow card to ask for their opinion.

Everyone has to use all their cards and can't speak once they have none left

Rebekah Holt Rebekah Holt is an English teacher at Stockport School in Cheshire

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